2023 Tribeca Award Winning Documentary: Common Ground

Yolanda Gibson
3 min readJun 12, 2023

According to the documentary Common Ground, we only know one home and that is planet earth. The planet is home to 9 million species. Many of these species are located in the soil, thus soil is so important for every organism to survives. Soil is the most diverse ecosystem on the planet. The more diverse an ecosystem is, the more stable it is. Consequently, because of tillage farming, and the chemicals that we spray on plants and the soil, the soil is dying.

If we do not take care of soil it will eventually turn to dust. If the soil dies we die. But there is one way to save our soil and the planet according to the award winning new documentary Common Ground that premiered at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival: Regenerative Agriculture that will produce regenerative soil.

“Regenerative agriculture is as a system of practices, ranging from cover crops, crop rotation, no till, reduced use of synthetic inputs, to integrated crop and livestock systems and managed grazing.”

Regenerative agriculture dates back to practices that were used by Indigenous and Enslaved people whom nurtured the land to get maximum return, hence “they created a home for their food, for their food to come to them”. In the documentary this is described and explained in a very authentic and informative way. Common Ground also chronicles the historical, political and business acumen that began the unfortunate decline of our soil.

“Common Ground presents an urgent message about the poisonous practices within American food systems. At the forefront of this plight are the farmers and families who have lived through tragedy and illness at the hands of government policies that favor Big Ag and big profits. In acknowledging how racism has forged today’s farming industry, regenerative farmers are returning to pre-colonial practices pioneered by Indigenous and Black farmers to restore soil, keep Americans alive, and leave a legacy for generations to follow.”

I was throughly enlightened by the documentary. It presented pertinent information on how just changing the soil can even change the climate. There is so much to learn from this documentary especially in this day and age where we need to find more ways to reduce the carbon emissions in the air that help to deplete the ozone lawyer which causes climate change. It is vital that everyone view this documentary and do their part.

You can attend a screening of this award winning documentary on June 15, 2023 at 6:30p.m, and June 18, 2023 at 11:15 a.m at Village East by Angelika.