Black is Human: The Legacy of Jason Hargrove

Black is many things. Black is beautiful. Black is Proud. But above all, Black is Human, and this is a fact that we must not forget, even though many other races of the world paint a different picture.

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Black people must warn and help their own. And that is what the heroic Detroit Transit Authority veteran did, he rang the alarm at a time when mass media did not have statistical data to display the drastic effects that COVID-19 has on communities of color, as many black Americans hold jobs that make them more vulnerable to this unfortunate disease.

A report by McKinsey & Company, COVID-19: Investing in Black Lives and Livelihoods, 39% of jobs held by Black workers (seven million jobs in all) are vulnerable as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, compared with 34% for White workers. The majority of Black workers, by the very nature of their jobs, are putting their lives and health on the line to provide necessary goods and services to our society.

Furthermore, information from the National Geographic website states that “almost one-third of infections nationwide have affected black Americans, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control, though blacks represent only 13 percent of the U.S. population. Likewise, nearly one-third of those who have died across the country are black, based on an analysis of available state and local data by the Associated Press.”

Jason saved so many lives because he took initiative to make a video that received more than 800,000 views. In recent years black men have been the target of police brutality and murders. Jason didn’t want his people to suffer anymore.

Jason, died from COVID-19 only 11 days after his viral video.

Burrell Communications is helping to shine light on Jasons’ legacy through their series of “Black is Human” initiatives.

“Black is Human” is the Burrell Communications Group community engagement platform created to uplift and empower the underserved in African American communities.

If interested in supporting the “For Jason” campaign, please follow and like the Black is Human Twitter and Facebook pages and share the video.

For more information on the Black is Human initiative, please visit:

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