Bring the Flyy Girl Screenplay BY OMAR TYREE To The Big Screen

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Flyy Girl The Screenplay By Omar Tyree

Omar Tyree Publishes Flyy Girl Screenplay on sale at

In an unprecedented power move, Omar Tyree, The Godfather of contemporary urban street lit, publishes an uncut and epic 3-hour Flyy Girl screenplay, including a list of classic soundtrack songs from the 1980s, on for $9.99.

After years of waiting on the Hollywood movie machine to produce Flyy Girl, the 1993 urban classic novel that jumpstarted so-called “contemporary urban street lit,” New York Times bestselling author and NAACP Image Award Winner, Omar Tyree, has decided to take matters into his own hands by publishing an epic, 3-hour Flyy Girl screenplay of his complete and uncut vision — including 1980s soundtrack songs — on Untainted by economic or artistic politics, readers can now enjoy a new and full fix of ‘Tracy Ellison,” “Victor Hinson” and the rest of Omar Tyree’s iconic Philadelphia characters as the author envisions them on the big screen.

Omar states “A very concerned test reader who loved the screenplay commented in January that she hopes I get to produce the Flyy Girl movie before I die. And I can’t lie, her uncensored comment made me feel nervous and desperate. The fact is, I don’t want to go to the graveyard without readers knowing exactly how I envisioned the Flyy Girl film. And I’ve been busting my tale to make it happen. I’m ready to produce the movie RIGHT NOW! I even have my locations in Philly mapped out to shoot. However, film investors still don’t believe in the value of the property yet, so we now have a new opportunity to prove it. And if we could sell 1 MILLION copies of the Flyy Girl screenplay online, oh, the film is getting made! Straight up! But if we can only sell like 50,000 copies… then all I can do is keep begging. And that’s real talk.”

To help with these fundraising efforts readers can support the following:

Summer T-Shirt Promotions: For additional marketing, promotions and momentum, the first excited screenplay readers to DM @Only1OmarTyree (Instagram) the best one-liners from “Tracy” / “Victor” / “Raheema” / “Patti” / “Bruce” / “Jantel” / “Carmen” / “Mark” or “Mercedes” will be photographed and posted on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media and website vehicles as the models for Flyy Girl summer promotions t-shirts, as well as earn 5% of the proceeds.

Edited By Popular Demand: Understanding that few Hollywood studios or groups of film investors would bank on a 3-hour, African-American project about the urban 1980s, Omar Tyree is also asking the first excited screenplay readers to DM @Only1OmarTyree (Instagram) any and all scenes they feel should be cut from the Flyy Girl to produce a leaner film. All “Honorary Screenplay Editors” will receive FREE summer promotion t-shirts, have their names credited on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media and website vehicles, and have an opportunity to land paid, writing and editing positions at Omar Tyree’s Hot Lava Entertainment production company.

The Market Goal: “No matter what the budget ends up being, or how long the film is, my goal for Flyy Girl is to break $100 Million US dollars at the box office, and I will do everything in my power to make that happen…” ~ Omar Tyree

Contact: Omar Tyree in Charlotte, North Carolina / Email / Cell Phone (704) 564 — 4978 / Instagram @Only1OmarTyree / Twitter @OmarTyree / Facebook @ Omar Tyree…

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