Exclusive Interview: Director Emir Kumova for film WAR OF COLORS

Yolanda Gibson
4 min readSep 19, 2022

Emir Kumova’s WAR OF COLORS is based on real events. This important film highlights the discrimination that people of color with Albinism exeprience. WAR OF COLORS has qualified to be considered for the 95th Academy Awards®. This prominent film casts Diandra Forrest as the lead, an actress and model with albinism.

I had the pleasure of watching this poignant film on albinism that provided much insight into the topic. I learned so much. Please read the interview below:

Yolanda Gibson: Albinism is a topic that is not discussed as often in the Black community. What situation involving albinism caused you to step forward and be the voice?

Emir Kumova: Not an incident involving Albinism necessarily. But two separate incidents/situations that I found myself in, compelled me to make this film. First one is me having vitiligo since the age of fifteen. A skin condition where your pigments die and that part of the skin turns white (vitiligo is a different skin condition than albinism). One of the results of this, is me having a white eyelash and a white mustache. And I would dye them to black so I could look like the majority of people and avoid endless questions about my white spots from strangers in daily life. The second incident was; I witnessed a black person being told that they were not “real Black” because of their lighter skin tone. This was told to them by both a non-Black person and a Black person with a darker skin tone, on separate time and occasions. Combining these racial incidents that I witnessed and my own separate struggle with my skin condition; the idea of the struggle that Black people with fully white skin must go through in their daily lives, popped into my head. I realized my own ignorance about the topic and dug in more. When I realized that this was a bigger issue that people go through than what I thought (also finding out that people with Albinism are misrepresented in films), I wanted to tell this story and give the community a voice.