Exclusive Interview with Jean Elie and Mike Gauyo Creators of Send Help on ALLBLK TV

Yolanda Gibson
3 min readAug 16, 2022

Send Help premiered on August 11, 2022 on ALLBLK TV. This series follows a young first generation Haitian American struggling to overcome the challenges in Hollywood, while coming to terms with a recent family tragedy.

I was able to catch up with the creators of Send Help to get a better understanding of what we can expect from the series this season. Check out the interview below!

Yolanda Gibson: How did you turn a serious conversation such as immigration into something funny?

Jean Elie: “Comedy is usually birthed out of tragedy, it’s something that Mike and I relate to. So it was kind of finding the situation and heightening those moments to create the comedy out of it…it’s just to heighten those situations, like people falling, or immigration. These situations are so crazy that we must laugh at it sometimes in order to get through it. It was that thing that we were trying to capture in the creation of Send Help.”

Y. G: Are there any scenes that are parallel to your life?

J. E: “That’s a good question. There are some scenes that are parallel to my life but you will see that later on in the season. So I want to say again that you have to watch it!”

Y. G: If you had the opportunity, what more or who else would you cast for Send Help?

J.E: “I think I would cast John Boyega as a cast member, I would probably have him guest star because I appreciate his work and the way he is able to navigate himself in his career, and the things that he has done and the work that he chooses is very important to me, so if I had the opportunity he would definitely be someone I would cast.”

Y.G: Do you want to add anything else to the article?

J.E: “The show comes out August 11, 2022. Watch ALL BLK. I would also like to add that part of the production was created through my production company…which is a program I created to help up and coming black and brown creatives tell their stories, and develop their stories to get it out there in front of network executives.”

Check out the various scenes!