Highlighting women that are making a social difference during Women’s History Month: Melissa C. Potter

Yolanda Gibson
5 min readMar 6, 2020

Women’s History Month is a very important month, during this month, it’s not just important to highlight historical women that have made a difference, but also women that are emerging to tell stories that are important to liberate the marginalized in society. Melissa C. Potter is doing this with style and innovation.

Melissa C. Potter is Head of Social Impact and Communications at Odyssey Impact & Transform Films. Melissa engages communities across the nation with high profile documentaries — creating. dialogue around today’s most pressing social justice issues including poverty, gun violence, mass incarceration, racial justice, intolerance and hate crimes. Her work has served as the catalyst for national campaigns, as well as the formation of prison ministries, community coalitions and support programs. Melissa believes that diverse storytelling can inspire empathy, awareness and action nationwide.

Please see interview below:

Yolanda Gibson: What does Odyssey Impact aim to do?

Melissa C. Potter: Odyssey Impact believes in the power of stories to inspire social justice changemakers. We use multimedia content and documentary films primarily to amplify and lift up these stories and to raise audience awareness of an issue.

Y.G: What inspired you to choose a career path in social impact/social justice?

M.P: I organically became one of the earliest adopters of what is now known as social impact entertainment. With a background in the music industry, I saw synergy between the issues most important to the artists that I represented and our communities. By utilizing their voice through their talent and platforms, it was a seamless transition to align entertainers with causes near and dear to their hearts. As an undergraduate student at Northeastern University, in their five-year cooperative education program, I utilized my co-op learning experiences, 6 months out of every year, to work. in the entertainment business. I then spent the remaining half of the year obtaining a degree in Sociology. The mutual benefits of studying human nature and societal shifts coupled with pop culture and its ability to create change and shift public…