If you were born in the 80's then you understand the significance of the hit comedy series “In Living Color”! It was major! Every family would sit in front of the television to watch the skits that were performed by Jim Carey, Jamie Fox, Tommy Davidson and of course the Wayan’s family. It was a beautiful time in comedy and art. And what little girl at that time didn’t want to be a Fly Girl! I know I did!

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Thus, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I watched the premier of the “Finesse” Remix, performed by Bruno Mars and Cardi B. I was like I know this scenery. It was as magnetic as the first day that I watched “In Living Color”, and were Bruno Mars and his dancing crew wearing Cross Colour clothing? Yes!

All of this imagery coupled with great music and hypnotizing dance two days into this beautiful New Year makes me believe that we will be in for great musical treats in 2018! “Don’t believe me, just watch!”


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