In the wake of the anniversary of the Charlottesville Rally Spike Lee reminds America of this harsh truth, “America’s evil past can manifest again if we don’t pay attention to the signs”. BlacKkklansman has a great balance in understanding the role that each American played in helping to discourage and disband racist groups such as the KKK in many cities across the United States.

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A subject of this matter can be very heavy. Thus, Spike Lee does a great job at educating and entertaining as he tells the story of how Robert Stallworth used his voice to infiltrate the KKK. I personally loved how he connected the past to the future to paint a vivid. His use of actual footage of David Duke speeches, and actual rally’s further authenticates the film.

The cast includes Harry Belafonte, John David Washington, Adam Driver, Laura Harrier, Corey Hawkins and Alec Baldwin.

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