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Legends say hummingbirds float free of time carrying hopes of love, joy and celebration. The beautiful presence of hummingbirds reminds us life is rich, beauty is everywhere and every personal connection is important.”

Mark Diamond hopes to carry on a similar legend throughout his life, relationships and songs. At 25 years old, Diamond is a Seattle native who grew up listening to Tom Petty, Hootie & The Blowfish, The Beatles, R.E.M and Robbie Williams with his dad in his 1969 Chevy Malibu.

Up until recently, Mark, now based in Los Angeles, was living in Seattle and working at a coffee shop for the last four years. “Waking up before sunrise feeling like the most stereotypical struggling musician on the planet definitely made me feel the weight of what chasing my dreams was all about,” says Diamond. He believes in hard work but equally believes in luck and recognizing it when it comes your way. Mark feels like he has been very lucky in his life and is forever thankful the universe continues to send him songs. “So long as they come, I’ll continue to catch them,” says Diamond.

“Sh*t started to get serious when I got kicked out of college.” Diamond recalls there was a small piano room in his freshman dorm where he spent most of his time. He says, “Right before I started tracking the last song on this live album I had been working on at the time, I got an email from university telling me basically don’t bother coming back next quarter or the next three after that one too.” This was a major turn in Mark’s life that has been vital in shaping him into who he is today.

When asked about influences, Diamond quickly replies, “Chris Martin has had a profound impact on my life.” Mark goes on to quote Chris Martin, saying, “If you can’t open yourself up, you can’t appreciate the wonder outside.” This became his mantra moving forward and still applies it to his life today.

Diamond has been hard at work on his upcoming project with his new song, “Steady,” leading the way. “This song is a bit of a push and pull, undiluted sexiness I would say.” With his music, Mark wants to make people feel every emotion possible.

“I literally only write music nowadays when I feel like it. I truly don’t believe in forcing music, I wait for it to come to me and sometimes that means waiting months,” he says. Diamond hints at having a very large arsenal of finished tracks that he completed in 24 days with talented writer and producer Richard Craker. Mark spent the last month working on his music in Los Angeles before heading to London to wrap up the first few set of songs to be released. “I have never had more fun making music in my entire life. Music should make people feel good more than it makes them feel bad. Not necessarily ‘happy’ songs, but songs that make you feel better about life than when you started listening to it.”

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