Review of the movie “Weight”

I had the pleasure of viewing the Indie film “Weight”. This film was based out of Detroit, MI. Written by Heather Jay Harris and directed by Brandon Cornett. Weight is an urban city classic that rivals the urban film “Belly” (1998) and the urban film “State Property”(2002).

What sets “Weight” apart from these classic urban films is that there is a woman lead character Charlotte (Tory Monay) that gives an all too real female version of “Beans” in “State Property” and “Buns” in Belly. The role that she plays is “feminine but hard”.

As the Detroit Radio host Mason of “Mason and CoCo In The Morning” said in an interview with the director , “Tory Monay played her role so well that you actually believe that she would do it”. Thus her character displays a level of experience to her craft as it did with all the other cast members as they were naturals in their performances.

This film does a great job of blending the duality of living in an urban area as a city dweller that is both academically intelligent and street smart.

The movie premiered at the AMC Theater in Detroit, and the Bel-Air Luxury theater. “Weight” the movie can currently be viewed on Amazon Prime and Google Play.

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