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Real artistic talent is very hard to find. Originality is very hard to find, and lastly genuineness is extremely had to find. Imagine if you were able to find an artist that encompasses all three attributes. Look no further, Bonita Oliver is what you are looking for.

Bonita Oliver (FRENCH LEAVE) is a multidisciplinary performance artist. She blends film, sound, spoken word, music, movement, and sculpture to create interactive performance pieces which engage audiences directly in story creation and lived experience.

Bonita is originally from Massachusetts where she grew up immersed in music, African American studies, theater and fine arts. She is currently a member of Moving Star- an experimental vocal collective in residence at Carnegie Hall.

Upcoming performances include:

Cellular Transitions (currently in production) to be workshoped as part of the Soup and Sound series, curated by Andrew Drury.

NOOMA- an opera for babies at Carnegie Hall in October 2019.

Please support her Kickstarter Campaign for her upcoming project!!!

Thanks for your support!

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