As much as 2020 has been a very stressful year, it is becoming a very hopeful year. There has been pain, there have been tears but on today November 7, 2020 we as a nation have come to realize that we can not, I repeat “we can not become weary in good doing.” We have to “put on the full armor of God, so that we can take a stand against the devil’s schemes.” The schemes of hate, the schemes of deceit and the schemes of cheating can not stand a chance if we believe in something higher, something higher than ourselves. There have been so many examples where goodness has prevailed during darkness.

During the riots and the peaceful marches for George Floyd, there were many people that were fighting for justice. So many non-Black people that took a stand and were on the front lines fighting for what they knew was right in their hearts. During the times when Donald Trump would not speak against the violence that was occurring against the peaceful protests, the nation stood still, because there could have very well been civil unrest and civil injustice against many groups of people because we did not have a leader to guide or lead the nation, but it is my belief that many people don’t want to live in hate, and many people don’t want to hurt other people. They simply do not know how to get to what’s right in their hearts, so the evil prevails within.

However, a good leader will speak to the part of the heart that wants to be good and do good. For instance, during the 8 years that Barack Obama was in presidency, the nation felt good, not that there weren’t ills in society, it just felt good to see a competent leader and First Family in the White House lead by example. Thus many Americans followed their leadership.

In addition in 2020, under the leadership of Stacy Abrams, her organization registered 800,000 new voters according to the New York Times. Her leadership caused for, “Biden to pull ahead of Trump in Georgia, a state that had not elected a Democratic presidential candidate in nearly three decades.”. All her hard work in previous years to fight voter suppression showed up in 2020.

The hope of 2020 brought us Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, placing the first woman of color in the White House as Vice President. This is what I believe that all women, not just women of color needed to see. They needed to see change. Change to know that they can be leaders in all arenas and that they are just as capable as anyone else to do any job.

Lastly, the hope of 2020 and everything that has happen in 2020, has made the nation realize that to have fun on social media and to watch reality tv is fun and entertaining, but life is not all fun and it is not all games, and we have to get back to the basics of education and leadership.

Something that I know President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will stand firm on.

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