Wendy Williams: Now I Understand

I had the opportunity to be in the same room as Wendy Williams at a Growing Up Hip Hop After Party Event. This was around the time information was written on many blogs and newspapers such as. The Daily News citing the infidelities of her husband.

It was a last minute entrance for her as the festivities of the party were coming to a close and she was escorted in by her son. At my first noticing you could see that her son loves his mother very much.

He made sure that she was seated comfortably in the VIP section next to her friend Madina Milana before he made his rounds to say hello to his friends. It was really adoring to watch her son be gentle with her as this is what was needed at this time in her life. Thus, just like the movie has shown, she had sheltered him from all of the madness of the industry growing up, so now it was his time to shield her.

I would not considered this mother and son interaction as karma, but as a loving mother and son relationship. But, the element of karma would eventually show its face in Wendy’s life.

As I stood in my area observing people walking up to Wendy asking for photo’s I noticed that she gladly said No to everyone that asked.

My first question was why would she be so happy to say no to everyone that entered into her space? It appeared that people were happy to see her.

However, now that I have watched Wendy Williams: The Movie on LifeTime, I understand. I understand that being a celebrity comes with many challenges, and that many celebrities get their status from different means. I didn’t know that Wendy Williams made so many people angry in her career.

Moreover, I didn’t know that so many people wanted to pull the plug on her career as shown in the movie. But, that could be because she became a household name with the Hot Topics Talk Show that sort of began to tone down the magnitude of her big personality.

Based on the movie, she was truly a shock jock in Philadelphia and New York that said whatever came to her mind.

Watching those past interviews in her documentary had me in awe. I couldn’t believe the questions that she asked Mariah Carey, I couldn’t believe that she exposed the tapes of her phone interview with Whitney Houston.

The movie was really good and answered many questions. All in all I feel like Wendy has an extraordinary life that is filled with up’s, and down’s.

I also saw that spilling the tea on everyone else’s life was just considered to be just a job to her and that she didn’t understand the universal effects of the energy that she put into the atmosphere.

This is why I believe she didn’t care about what she said about people or she didn’t understand the ramifications of her actions. But as you will learn from the movie, you have to be careful of the energy that you put into the universe because karma is real.

Make sure you watch Wendy Williams: The Movie on Lifetime.

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