Will and Jada: The Truth Will Set You Free.

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As I was asleep on Friday, July 10, 2020, I received a notification from CNN stating that “ Jada and Will confirmed her relationship with August Alsina”. I woke up because I had to read more. I hadn’t seen the Red Table Talk of the confession but I was curious as to the details because the Smith’s appear to be very upfront and true people. They appear to be the family willing to become open books or “tell their business” so that they can help someone else. Therefore, I knew if I watched the confession/interview I would have learned something, and be a better person because of it.

So I watched the episode maybe about three times then I cried. I cried because the unveiling of their truth was beautiful. There was truth on Will Smith face as he listened to Jada speak about what she had done. His facial expression exemplified patient, and a little bit of embarrassment. But I loved the fact that he sat there like an upstanding man and took it all in without judgement of her. He let her speak her truth to the world.

He was also honest in his request for Jada to be very upfront about what exactly it was she wanted to say. He led the way in her journey to release it all.

There was truth in Jada’s voice as she confessed to “wanting to feel good”, and talking about her brokenness. I can believe that it resonated with many women when she said that she wanted to help heal August Alsina. That co-dependency piece was great to refer to as many people suffer from childhood trauma, but not seeking help they don’t realize what is hurting them and why they are doing the things that they are doing that result in self-sabotage and pain. It appeared that Jada had been doing the work prior to her “entanglement” with August, and that her journey with August allowed her to receive closure for many of her insecurities that she had been dealing with.

It’s hard being a woman. There is so much we have to do and be. We don’t know what it was that she was feeling. Was she feeling unlike herself because life had changed to the point where she didn’t know herself anymore? Had being a mother changed her? Had being a wife changed her? Had her career dynamics changed? I am really curious about this piece of the story, as I know that this would be a great conversation to have and would help many as well.

This conversation was very honest. I have read many interviews, past and present about the August Alsina Jada relationship and there are many arguments. One is that Jada and Will will get a divorce soon. I don’t believe this is the case because they both communicated honestly, so no matter what social media says they will be okay because the are true to themselves. They put it all out there.

It is my hope that people will learn from this Red Table Talk episode. So many people are afraid to truly heal, So many people are afraid to confess to their mistakes, but the beauty of it all is that we are all flawed humans and no matter what side you are on in the situation if you make it through, you will feel a lot better on the other side.

Thank-you Jada

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